Recreational AIS Products

If you are looking for a great Class B AIS, we strongly suggest any of the the Seapilot AIS´s!!


True Heading always strives to supply all users of our AIS equipment the very best equipment possible. Therefore, the True Heading recreational AIS products (brand named Seapilot) are having the very same quality as the professional equpiment.


E.g. all Seapilot AIS´s are developed and manufactured in Sweden (as the matter of fact, at our premises in Stockholm) having the outmost quality insurance from the actual developer of the unit.


In order to make the decision of your AIS equpiment as easy as possible, we have scaled down the selection of AIS´s to what we think is what you would like to have/need.


The Seapilot AIS´s come in four different versions (please also check the downloads on your right hand side of the screen):


  • The Seapilot CTRX Graphene version.

  • The Seapilot WiFi-AIS CTRX Graphene version.

  • The Seapilot CTRX Graphene+ version.

  • The Seapilot WiFi-AIS CTRX Graphene+ version.


*The data wireless sent to an external device is GPS and AIS data.

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